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We don’t need protection from our Bibles!

This podcast along with Transforming Truth have both been a blessing to me. Pastor Jeff leads these Ministries in truth, not fancy. 2 Timothy talks about people heaping up teachers to sooth their itchy ears, that wont be found here. This is tough, it’s real, it’s true, and most importantly…. Its in love! You want to be challenged? Convicted? Then fire this up, you will not be disappointed!

Real talk!

Jeff gives you the unfiltered truth without any pride in the midst of the presentation. You will enjoy this and relisten to it again and again.

Thankful for this podcast

This is the most spiritually nourishing podcast I know of at the moment. Pastor Jeff gives great insight on what he sees the Lord doing in this hour and gives practical, biblical, and seasoned advice on how we can prepare ourselves, and ultimately join in on this current move of God. Don’t miss out. Give it a listen!

Spirit AND Truth!!!

This podcast seeks to display both Truth and The Power of The Holy Spirit! 24 God is spirit [the Source of life, yet invisible to mankind], and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24 AMP


Jeff Lyle speaks the Truth in God’s Word in a way that is easy to understand. I have been blessed through this Mavericks ministry.

Excellent podcast!

I love how you teach straight from the scriptures. You’re such a blessing and I am thankful for your ministry!


In this day and age people who claim to be followers of the Bible are arguing over every little thing. Pentecostals, SDAs, Cessationists or Charismatics. It’s spiritually exhausting to see the case of Christ ruined like this, when in reality we could all be talking about the beautiful things God has given us to uplift the case for a Christ, and exemplify the church. God’s sovereignty will be known, and Jeff is a vital part of The Lord’s authorship of the 21st century. Hopefully one day I can get my family and friends (future and present ones) to realize church isn’t this boring rule following place, but the place that will be truly lifted up come the last hours. THE KINGDOM IS AT HAND!

Spirit and Truth!

This is a much needed Podcast for the modern church. Jeff express his heart and explains one of the biggest divides in the church today, either your a “Word” only church or a “Spirit”, and having experienced both, he talks about the importance of having both operate in the church, just like the earthly Churches did. He pours out his heart and how the Lord have been growing him throughout his whole ministry. It’s a very encouraging podcast and such a good listen. Looking forward to hearing more!!

Love this podcast

Pastor Jeff has such a way of explaining things in a deep but understandable way. Glad to listen to the podcasts as one of my go to podcasts 👍🏽

Word and Spirit!

I loved the first episode. Yes, the Church has had a divorce between the Word and the Spirit! It is time to bring the two together again. Thank you, Jeff! Excited for this new podcast